Your ID - your rules
Be the master of your data and save your time for really important things.
Do not worry about security - all data is stored only with you.
Live comfortably with just one click.

The Multipass technology creates a new level of digital freedom — now it is the user who chooses which data to share with companies.

Multipass represents the technology that uses the latest advances in cryptography and enables the storage of personal data on the user’s device while recording the interaction of participants in the blockchain network. The technology enables secure storage of a holder’s “extended ID”, essentially his digital identity: first and last name, personal pension account insurance number, tax returns, medical records and so on.

What problems do we solve?
One super-ID that combines all necessary information, from your first name, last and patronymic name to your pet’s medical records
You make the final decision on sharing any data and decide what you are willing to share and who has the right to access this information
You don’t want to expose your actual birth date, just confirm that you are 21 y.o. (or beyond any other age limit)
You decide where to store data. You just send out every dataset only once, and every subsequent receiver makes sure the set was not edited or changed
You do not need to spend minutes of your time waiting for registration or filling out documents. Everything is solved in one time, in one click, saving your time for really pleasant events.
In case a hack or leak takes place, you can temporarily suspend a whole class of your assets/services in one click
Where to use Multipass
One ID
1. The unique technology it employs generates data in web browser and doesn’t send it to the server. The archive is automatically downloaded to your device, from that moment all data is stored by the user and remains protected by individual hashes that can be unlocked with password only.
2. After that, the user picks a verification agent and provides his/her Multipass.
3. Once KYC is completed, you can use Multipass with any service you want with no repeated filling of forms and questionnaires
State services
Healthcare industry
State services
Healthcare industry
How it works
It is anticipated that Multipass will shortly become a global standard for all B2C industries where KYC and fast onboarding matters to facilitate fast verification and avoid double and triple checking of the same package of papers.
We often do not remember our rhesus blood factor, especially in an emergency, and the more so we do not always have, for instance, X-ray images on our hands. Using the Multipass system a doctor can obtain quick access to the information regardless of territorial affiliation and provide medical assistance on time.
You don’t need to fill in a lot of documents anymore. Just scanning your QR code in a bank office which in a few minutes can verify your personality and open a bank account. Same is true for brokerage firms: start trading in 10 minutes after you entered their offices or opened the web site.
A user doesn’t need to wait a long registration procedure upon arrival to the hotel, which may sometimes last for more than one hour. Even if you have booked the room in advance hotel you receive your keys by simply scanning the QR code at the reception desk.
Avoid filling long questionnaires for visas and passports, and receive tax reimbursements and income statements in several clicks.
Shopping and e-commerce
A user can choose the form in which he or she wishes to submit the requested information for buying something, for example, simply choose to confirm reaching legal age without specifying birth date.
File claims easily. Skip personal data, property and car details sections as they are uploaded already.
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