About Multipass
Multipass offers a technology that solves the problem of the verification of personal data. One device contains all essential data of yours so that you could share this information anytime with anyone you need. The recipient won’t need to verify the enclosed documents since their authencity has been verified before. This takes 2-3 minutes instead of 2-3 hours for a full background check of a new client.
How Multipass works?
Step 1
The unique technology it employs generates data in a web browser and doesn’t send it to us or to the server of your service provider. The archive is automatically downloaded to your device, from that moment all data is stored by you and remains protected by individual hashes that can be unlocked with password only.
Step 2
After that, you pick a verification agent and provide your current Multipass.
Step 3
Once the verification procedure is completed, you can use Multipass with any service you want with no repeated filling of forms and questionnaires.