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How does Multipass work?
Multipass is a password protected and encrypted archive with personal data. The unique technology it employs generates data in a web browser and doesn’t send it to the server. The archive is automatically downloaded to your device, from that moment all data is stored by the user and remains protected by individual hashes that can be unlocked with password only. After that, the user picks a verification agent and provides his/her Multipass with personal data and necessary documentation. Once KYC is completed, you can use Multipass with any service you want with no repeated filling of forms and questionnaires.
What is the main advantage of using Multipass?
Multipass is based on the most up-to-date cryptographic achievements, and helps properly store and manage personal data: while all user’s information is kept safely on his/her personal device, customized sets are presented for outside verification requests. Those datasets can be different for booking services, visa administrations, banks, medical institutions, retail stores, loyalty programs etc. Multipass can be used in many industries and supports multiple human activities. As the holder doesn’t need to pass authentication over and over again, a significant amount of time can be saved.
At what age can Multipass use?
You can use the Multipass from 18 years old. But we are working to expand the Multipass Protocol and allow access to individuals under the age of majority.
Do I have to make a separate account for children or does his data save on my account?
If you have a child, then all his data will be stored on your Multipass. This will help to send and add a necessary information about the child under the control of parents. Opportunity to use Multipass will be available for children as well soon.
Is there a Multipass app for mobile version?
Yes, we support both Android and iOS apps downloadable in Google Play and App Store, respectively is yes both on the app store and google play store. Follow this links and download the app:App StoreGoogle Play
How can I check for a company that works with Multipass?
Please use the linkhttps://wdia.org/our-networkto see the list of the companies.
How much does multipass service cost?
Multipass hasn’t service fee. You can use devices and get verified for free.
How long do I have access as a multipass owner?
As long as the account for Multipass and data has stored at your device are deleted.
I have not found any answer to my question here. What should I do?
You can call to any of our representatives following thishttps://wdia.org/join-usor reach us via hotline chat athttps://multipass.org/

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