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Identification is an unavoidable burden that every organisation bears. Due diligence measures are applied by government regulators, customers, counter-parties, state property registers, and services providers such as banks, insurance companies, car rentals, airlines, hotels. Wherever rights, obligations and money get involved, it is of great importance to have a clear and unbiased understanding of who sits on the opposite side of the desk. Multipass helps to receive the data you need and makes sure this information is true and unbiased.
We estimate that verifications and ID checks take 96 hours of every consumer's time annually. For many businesses, the time spent for scanning documents, uploading those to storages, filing CRM forms and processing information for verification equals to money losses.
The fact that each company does its own verification of the same client makes the whole system obsolete and irrelevant to the standards of the 21st century. Our mission is to bring the industry to a higher organizational level where only minor amendments shall be applied to an existed client's profile and where there is no space for duplication of work.
The advantages of Multipass for business
Solution technically sophisticated, yet very easy to use. Any company can implement it.
Perfect decision for an ample market of venture projects and startups: close to 100mln new consumers create their accounts every year, a growing number of verification.
No need for a database of your own and, hiring compliance officer or outsourced compliance services: many potential clients might be already verified by others companies that apply the same onboarding standards as you do.